┬áSeller’s Information

Representation by a Real Estate Agent will help to give your home the exposure needed for a successful sale. As a Seller’s Agent a few of the services I provide are:

    • Locate qualified Buyers through our Internet site, Agent to Agent Referrral Network, direct mail and phone contacts. Your home will be displayed in the “Featured Home” section on this website.
    • Highlight showings by promoting the best features.
    • Assist in determining Fair Market Value by reviewing market demand, FMV is based on season, location, and other variables that often alter your home’s value.
    • Suggest ways to increase sales based on Fair Market Value.
    • Keep you, the Seller, informed of each detail as the sale progresses.
    • Present an objective third party viewpoint when assessing your investment and its market value
    • Qualify and counsel serious Buyers toward a decision. Buyers need answers to countless questions, not only about your property, but on technical matters such as financing, payments, insurance and title clearance. As your REALTOR, I will provide the answers, make arrangements for financing and support and guide the Buyer in dozens of ways that make it easier for them to complete the purchase of your home
    • Mediate Buyer/Seller transactions
    • Assist with all the steps involved with the closing.
    • Manage any obstacles or complications that might occur throughout the process… Starting from the time we meet until the closing.